Indie Accords – Choose your Path

23 Aug 2022

Today I want to invite you all to join the Indie Accords discord and enjoy a little reading challenge! But let’s start with the most important point, what’s Indie Accords? An entire Discord server dedicated to indie books and authors! After organizing a Readathon during July, they are back with more challenges and fun ways to organize your TBR and at the same time, boost indie books!

Here is your invite to the Discord server:

But before diving in, I would like to thank Thiago AbdallaJordReadsBooksKay’s Hidden Shelf, and Lana (Lore & Lullabies) for organizing this all and keeping this space.

Indie Accords Choose your Path Boards

Battles were fought, won and lost (we will never beat our tbrs) but thankfully we all escaped with our limbs intact, and amazing tales were found between the pages of many indie and self published books.

But fear not my dear wanderers and adventures who want more. Paths reveal themselves on the horizon.

4 different paths for 4 different adventures you can seekComplete a chosen path and rewards you can reap.

Oh, and chances to enter giveaways for more incredible Indie books and merch down each.

This is a go-at-your-own-pace adventure with a board of prompts for each style of adventurer.

-Path of the Dark.
-Path of the Heart.
-Path of the Mage.
-Path of the Stars.


-Each board is available for the quarter before the board will change (Sept – Dec) can be carried over*.-Each board has 6 prompts.-1 book per prompt.-Complete the whole board to enter the giveaway.-To win the ‘Boss Fight’ and score extra entries in the giveaway draw you must post Amazon review links in share-your-reviews channel.-After finishing a prompt, remember to seal it with Indie Accords’ seal of approval.


Prompts are the following:

2.-Black and red cover.
3.-Involves a mystery.
4.-Skull on the cover.
5.-Creepy/haunted house.
6.-Creature Feature.  


Prompts are the following:

1.-Enemies to lovers.
2.-Tall, dark and spicy.
3.-Love interests on cover.
4.-Close proximity.
5.-Set in the past.
6.-Dark cover.  


Prompts are the following:

1.-Time Travel.
2.-First Contact.
3.-Robots/AI (Artificial Intelligence).
4.-Alien Invasion.
5.-Colonizing Planets.
6.-A Dystopian or Utopian Future.  


Prompts are the following:

1.-A Rebellion.
2.-An Animal Companion.
3.-The Chosen One Trope.
4.-A Training Scene (magic or weapon).
5.-A Quest.
6.-A Mentor Relationship.

So, you all, what are you waiting for joining us?, join and celebrate indie books! Enjoy a nearly infinite world of possibilities!Authors, you are also invited to join and share your works!