Indie Ink Awards Books

9 Oct 2022


We are going today to talk about the books I will be reading as a judge for the Indie Ink Awards, after the second shuffle of assignments. You can expect full reviews of them coming in the next months.

But what are Indie Ink Awards?


Indie Ink Awards

Books by marginalized authors, self-published books, and books by small presses often get overlooked. The Indie Ink Awards is a unique event that brings together the writing community to celebrate books that have made an impact on us. This is our way of highlighting the future we want to see in books–by uplifting those that shine.

The Indie Ink Awards will begin with nominations. In July 2022, you will be able to nominate your favorite books for over 30 different awards. All voting will take place right here on

We have two categories: the «Best In» awards and the «Writing The Future We Need» awards. The «Best In» awards should exemplify the chosen category. We are looking for exceptional inclusion and diversity in works nominated for «Writing the Future We Need» awards. Readers can nominate books for as many awards of either category as they think fit.

Only self published/small press books will be considered, AND they must be on Indie Story Geek. Those published by a subsidiary of the Big 4 are not eligible. If you’re an author and your book is not on Indie Story Geek, you may create an account and submit your book. You are not allowed to nominate your work, but you are encouraged to let your readers know that the Indie Ink Awards are taking place so they can nominate and vote. You can check the finalists in each category here.

So, let’s talk about which books I will be judging and in which categories:

For the latinx/latine representation by a latinx/latine author I have the next two books:

EXODUS 20:3 by Freydís Moon


Hurricanes 2007 by Darío Aguilar Peregrina


The second category I will be judging is the lgtbq+ representation, where I will be reading the next three books:

String of Stardust by J.H. Rose


The Oracle Stone by Talli L. Morgan


Where Shadows Lie by Allegra Pescatore


You can probably expect one review for this award each month, keeping the rubric score as the secret thing. You can check the other judges’ bios here.