Spotlight and Excerpt: Yellow Tape and Coffee, by Pat Luther

12 Jan 2023

Welcome to a first post as part of the Book Tour with Escapists Book Company. Today we get to share a spotlight of Yellow Tape and Coffe, and also an excerpt (with the review coming in the next few days).


Yellow Tape and Coffee by Pat Luther
Series: N/A, Standalone
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Suspense Thriller
Intended Age Group: Adult
Pages: 723
Published: June 18, 2021
Publisher: Self Published

Four intertwining stories. Four points of view of a single large event. Four people from different backgrounds with different ideals.

And a secret society of werewolves is unveiled in Portland, Oregon.

For four hundred years, they have kept their secret. Some will do anything to reveal it. Others will sacrifice everything to keep it.

Alliances will be forged and shattered. Friendships will be made and betrayed. Conspiracies within conspiracies will unravel as conflicting agendas clash across the city.

And by the end, nothing will be the same.


He had no answer to that. But she continued; she needed to make him understand what they were up against. "Search for 'real werewolf' on YouTube some time. You'll find hundreds of hits. How many claim to be real? How many actually are?"

"And… four hundred years? What happened before then? How come the history books aren't full of werewolves?"

"Who says they aren't? But contemporary accounts of werewolves from the dawn of the seventeenth century are even less credible to modern people than YouTube videos. Four hundred years ago, Europe was ruled by the church. They decided we were possessed by demons and tried to wipe us out. There were werewolf pogroms across Europe. In the early sixteen-hundreds there were tens of thousands of trials in France alone and they were all recorded. You can still look a lot of them up today, even read the original transcripts, if you can read seventeenth century French."

He was silent for a moment before finally responding. "It's all right there, and nobody believes it. That's depressing."

"Because you can't tell anyone."

About the author


I have lived in Portland, Oregon on and off throughout my life.  

I’ve been a pizza boy, a Kelly girl, a corporate propagandist, and both a purveyor and debunker of conspiracy theories, and once had to take a class in money laundering and terrorist financing. 

I once helped save the world.

You’re welcome.

The 2008 financial collapse was almost entirely not my fault.

I once drove to Guatemala with five people in a Subaru, and I’ve volunteered with archaeologists, where I’ve sifted dirt, flown drones, and dodged a giant boulder. (It wasn’t actually moving, but it was still a close call.) 

I’ve been a member of one fundamentalist religion and two secret societies, and ran my first D&D game the summer before I saw my first Star Wars movie.

I’ve programmed satellites and police databases, and lost one job because the project I was working on got shut down by the EFF, and another because Bill Clinton said the wrong thing to an Iranian official.

I’ve also written two novels – so far.