Spotlight Saturday: Creatrix of Strife, by D.C. Allen

4 Mar 2023

Welcome to a new episode of Spotlight Saturdays! Today we are taking a look at Creatrix of Strife, by D.C. Allen, a different kind of novel.


Pages: 116
Published: 12th March, 2021
Genre: Science Fiction

“Stand in Hell, But Reach For Heaven.”

Rekha is a Disciple of Obcasus: science-worshiping zealots who live deep beneath a poisonous volcano and await the sign to arise and conquer the world. While her fellow Disciples are content to recite violent oaths and practice a form of combat based on instantaneous genetic modifications, Rekha is consumed with doubts. After she instigates a mêlée that goes horribly awry, she is cast out. Now separated from the only life she knows, the young heretic stumbles into the heart of a mystery seven generations in the making, and the reckoning that follows. If the Obcasian Death Cult's apocalyptic dogma is true, what comes next?

CREATRIX OF STRIFE is a literary anthem realized in lyrical, mind-bending, and brutal prose. Set in an arcane, minutely detailed world where troglodytic saints weaponize their own DNA and the main defense against volcanic death is a massive clockwork defense system, Rekha’s tale is a thrilling science fiction adventure, but also the account of an outcast channeling her frustration into strength and finding purpose in a storm of uncertainty.  

More praise for Creatrix of Strife

"There is a lot packed into this novella and it’s executed really well." Andrew Wizardly Reads

"A dream-like experience to read. The creativity of the story and the world-building is excellent. The language can be heavy at times, with strange terminologies, but this doesn't distract from the flow of the prose and the pacing of the story." Craig Bookwyrm

About the author


I'm writer in the video game industry. I previously wrote on Hogwarts Legacy ("Hog Leg") for WB Games, but now I'm at Amazon Games, on an unannounced project that I am very excited about. I am a Libby zealot.