Spotlight Saturday: The Delve by Dan Fitzgerald

25 Feb 2023

Welcome to a new episode of Spotlight Saturdays! Today we are examining a new novel from Dan Fitzgerald, and his first novel after becoming self-publishing.

Cover design by Luke Tarzian

Pages: 275
Published: 1st February 2023
Genre: Romantic Fantasy

The sword wants what it wants.

The Deepfold mine has gone dark on the eve of war. Without its supply of brightstone, the Maer’s technological advantage over the humans will evaporate. A rising knight named Yglind has earned his Forever Blade and been sent on a quest to uncover the cause of the blackout. Joined by his trusted squire Ardo and a prickly mage named Aene, Yglind hopes to cement his legacy and the Maer’s chance at victory in the coming war.

Inside the Deepfold, they are plunged into a world of bloodshed and chaos. Unknown foes have slaughtered many of the miners, and a gruesome dragon stalks the dark tunnels. While taking refuge in the mine’s impregnable keep, Yglind and Ardo seek solace in each other’s arms and the courage to face the cruel forces arrayed against them.

With their civilization hanging in the balance, they strike out against the invaders as their quest hurtles toward its bloody end.The Delve is a fast-paced spicy romantic fantasy featuring a variety of LGBTQ characters and relationships. It's the first in the Time Before trio of linked standalones, set 2,000 years before the Maer Cycle trilogy and the Weirdwater Confluence duology. The series are independent and can be read in any order.

Author's note: this book contains explicit, consensual sex scenes, violence, gore, and death, and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.  

More praise for The Delve

"The author is an expert world-builder and never fails to add emotion to his books, in this case growing anticipation and fear. Set 2000 years before the other books featuring the Maer, The Delve is an excellent addition to the stories of the Maer and their growing history and mythology." Sue's Musing

"What I especially enjoyed in The Delve is that we got such a variety of relationships and ways of expressing that affection and attraction, even within a tale that occurred over a relatively short time period." Beneath a Thousand Worlds

"A fun swords and sorcery quest in a cool environment that is just slightly dulled by sparse worldbuilding and character development. Readers who like queer romance and spice in their books will find a lot to love here, and sword and sorcery fans shouldn't be put off by the romantic/sexual elements. A great way to spend a few hours." The Fantasy Reviews

About the author


Fantasy and romance author of the Maer Cycle trilogy (low-magic fantasy) the Weirdwater Confluence duology (sword-free romantic fantasy), and the upcoming Time Before trio (spicy romantic fantasy).
I write non-epic fantasy books, often romantic, in which you will find:
Mystery. Darkness. Wonder. Action. Romance. Otherness examined and deconstructed. Queer and straight characters living and fighting side by side. Imaginary creatures and magic with a realistic touch.
What you won’t find in my books:
Wholesale slaughter. Sexual assault. Unquestioned sexism or discrimination. Evil races. Irredeemable villains. Predestined heroes. An ancient darkness that threatens to overspread the land.
Catch me on Twitter or Instagram as danfitzwrites.