Spotlight Saturday: The Stars Within, by Alex Arch

18 Feb 2023

Welcome to a new episode of Spotlight Saturday, where we give a small boost to those indie works that might not be as known.

Today's book is The Stars Within, by Alex Arch.


Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 177
Published: 18th July 2022

Life finds a way, they say. Well, maybe life went too far. A dying star always shines brightest.

Thomas fights to beat cancer. Colette fights to save the human race.

A colonial miner crippled with debt, Thomas must flee his home to cure his recurring cancer. With his health declining at an alarming rate, his options are limited. Spend his last days surrounded by his loved ones or leave them behind for a slim chance to live. The choice is impossible, the prospect grim, and not for him alone.

A pragmatic military hero, Colette enrolls in a mission to thwart an alien invasion. She always gets the job done… unless Mia’s involved. She must then put her feelings aside as always or risk jeopardizing her assignment for the woman she once loved.

Two battles. Two realities. For one to succeed, the other must fail.  

More praise for The Stars Within:

"Overall though, I am really impressed by the author’s ability to draw me in so quickly and be able to tell this big of a story in such a short amount of time." - TheShaggyShepherd

"The Stars Within is exactly the type of sci-fi that I like. It’s gripping, emotional, thought-provoking, and absolutely packs a punch. This might be a short read, but it will undoubtedly linger on in your mind and soul long after turning the last page." - Esmay Rosalyne

"I enjoyed this story so much. For me, science-fiction is about exploring the many aspects of our existence and what makes us human. This book is an excellent example of that." - Craig Bookwyrm