Spotlight: The Hollow Throne, by Tim Leach

14 Aug 2023

Title: The Hollow Throne
Series: The Sarmantian Trilogy
Pages: 320
AD 180. Vindolanda, Britannia. Sarmatian warrior Kai and his adopted tribe, the Votadini, struggle for survival in unfamiliar lands north of the Wall, living just beyond the reach of Rome.
 When an old enemy takes control of the Votadini’s hated foes, a confederation of tribes known as the Painted People, and rouses them to action, Kai heads south, hoping to ally with the Romans against this resurgent threat.
 But the Romans have heard tales of butchery and mayhem beyond the Wall. Lucius, Legate of the North, believes Kai and his allies are responsible, and sends forth an expedition to capture his old comrade.
 Can Kai survive the onslaught – or will such determined enemies spell the end for the warrior and his tribe?

About the author


Tim Leach is a graduate of the Warwick Writing Programme, where he now teaches as an Assistant Professor. His first novel, The Last King of Lydia, was shortlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize, and A Winter War, the first in the Sarmatian Trilogy, was shortlisted for the HWA Gold Crown Award.