The Kheld King (Triempery Revelations #2) gets released today!

13 Sept 2022

Today, one of my most beloved series of books releases its second book, The Kheld King! As Sordaneon was one of my best discoveries in the last times, it makes me so so happy to be able to write this post.

And obviously, to the surprise of nobody, I will be reviewing this book (big thanks to L.L. Stephens and Forest Path Books), and making more content around it, because seriously, I won’t stop until y’all read these books!


Book Information: The Kheld King
Series Information: The Triempery Revelations
Genre: Fantasy
Intended Age Group: Adult
Pages: 540
Published: September 13th, 2022
Publisher: Forest Path Books
You can get a copy from Amazon.

The Triempery lies crippled, its godborn princes slaughtered by treachery, its ruling houses desperate to maintain their monopoly of the god-machine Entities. In the aftermath of the slaughter, Stefan Stauberg-Randolph inherits his grandfather’s throne. Already an outsider because of his Kheld heritage, Stefan sees enemies around every corner–but he particularly fears Dorilian Sordaneon, sole surviving heir of the Rill Entity’s power.Set upon conflicting paths by betrayal and suspicion, the animosity between the two young rulers could well threaten not only the Triempery’s remaining houses, but the Entities themselves.

As something I always recommend, go follow L.L. Stephens on Twitter, where they post almost every day new snippets for this series, and also visit his website, where there is multiple info about worldbuilding.