Some Thoughts with ... Brien Feathers

6 Aug 2023

The Author/s

Brien Feathers

Brien Feathers

Brien Feathers is a fantasy author living in the land of permanent frost, horses, and Mongols. She likes reading, writing (of course), riding (horses and husbands), drinking dark beer, and checking things off a to-do list.

Although she claims to love everyone equally, she really loves her youngest son the most. He has autism superpowers that allow him to speak all types of rare languages including drumbeats, elevator dings, and police sirens.

Miss Feathers loves grey days, orange cats, and all creatures human or otherwise. And she hopes you will love her world (fantasy) and people (characters) as well.

The Interview

1.- What made you choose self-publishing?
I'm Mongolian and live there as well. I thought my chances of getting a traditional publishing deal in an English-speaking country were dismal, and I never queried. I went straight for self-publishing and made all the mistakes along the way.

2.- What inspired you to write the Sun War Trilogy?
Truth be told, I'm one of those 'the story comes to me' authors. Some might call it a bit looney, but I have imaginary people living in my head and speaking to me (mostly at night).

3.- The setting of this trilogy is rather unusual (zarist Russia/revolution). Why did you decide to write using this setting?
I love Slavic folklore. For reference, Mongolia is landlocked between Russia and China, and although we have our own unique history, much of our modern literature is influenced by Russian classical literature as well as the Soviet era. We're a post-Soviet country.
When I was little, my grandfather used to read Slavic-inspired fairy tales to me, and it stayed with me. Also, I'm somewhat familiar with the Red Revolution as we had our own as well.

4.- Could you tell me more about the challenges of using a rather unknown mythology for this series?
I try to do my research to be respectful of the culture I'm drawing from, but in the end, I write fantasy because I want to break away from the real world and real history.
So, I wouldn't necessarily say that there were challenges because I deviate freely, being fantasy and all.

5.- You’ve also written and published another series: Light of Adua. Could you tell us more about it?
Yes, it's my darling series that did not sell at all, lol. But it taught me many valuable lessons as an indie author. I come from a screenwriting background and made the mistake of assuming what works in that medium would translate well—it did not. But we all live and learn.
In short, it's a dark fantasy (that's my thing) with an ensemble cast of vampires that guard the world from the destructive magic of a fallen realm.
I love that series. If you don't mind multiple POV characters, foul language, and darker themes, please give the series a try.

6.- At this point, we could call you a veteran in self-publishing. How would you say your process has grown with the time?
Not a veteran at all. I'm just starting out and learning along the way. My writing process has changed since I learned that I'm a pantser. But I'm also into intricate plotlines and have the tendency to write myself into a corner if I'm not careful. So, for a series, I have to write the entire thing out, at least as a rough draft, before I can finalize the first book.

7.- What can we expect from Brien Feathers in the future?
I just finished my first standalone, a dark fantasy where a war with the faeries has destroyed the world. It's one of the hardest things I've written because I had to do like five, six, page-one rewrites for the plot and characters to feel right. I've just sent that to my editor, so hopefully, it's coming out in a few weeks. It's called Ugly Angels.
Next, I have an idea for a feudal Japan-inspired trilogy. I may have drafted the first book already. And it may not be working (laughs in tears).