Some thoughts with … Kian N. Ardalan

25 Jun 2022

The Author/s

Kian N. Ardalan

Kian N. Ardalan

Kian N. Ardalan was born in Germany, Dusseldorf to Persian parents and has since traveled between so many places that he sees himself as a person of the world; well, with one exception.

When he wasn’t playing video games or reading novels (mostly Darren Shan and Anthony Horowitz) or trying to convince his parents to watch that R-rated movie about vampires and werewolves, he delved into fantasy worlds of his own making

The Interview

I want to thank Kian for taking the time for answering my questions and giving us a little more insight about this book:

1.- What do you feel is your main source of inspiration?

Kian: The book and idea were born from a writing prompt on reddit. (R/writingprompts). At the time, I remember just churning so many fantasy stories that I got sick and tired of the same old formula. Always with really high stakes. The hero is always a child of prophecy. I wanted something which kind of made fun of that a bit and was self-aware.

I remember I was also reading «Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy» at the time and I feel like it had an impact.

2.- We find two really different main characters, George and Simantiar. What made you make these different characters?

Kian: It was a prompt. I loved the idea of just subverting expectations. Our hero is just an average person. The wise old wizard is actually powerless and is not helpful. He just loves to berate our “hero”.

3.- You define yourself as a big Souls fan, so I’m legally obliged to make this question. Which Soulsborne game is your favorite?

Kian: God having to pick is very difficult. I’d say Elden Ring was the most immersed I’ve been with any of the games and the one that I enjoyed the most. It was the experience of exploring the world which struck a chord with me. But. Dark Souls 3’s ending was sublime.

4.- What can we expect of Kian N. Ardalan in the future?

Kian: Well, Eleventh Cycle is only a few months away from being published and it is the first in a series. I love the abstract storytelling style of dark souls games and wanted to convert that into a book. Once that’s done, my next project will focus on a vampire series. But with the twist that vampires are actually good guys and see themselves as “shepherds” of mankind so that they lead the world into a brighter future.