Some thoughts with … L. R. Schulz

10 Jul 2022

The Author/s

L.R. Schulz

L.R. Schulz

Luke is a fantasy addict born in Melbourne, Australia. He discovered a passion for fantasy at a young age which developed into a love for the imaginary and a desire to write.

Despite an early passion for storytelling, Luke obtained a teaching degree before beginning a career as a primary school teacher.

When he is not reading and writing, Luke enjoys spending time with his Golden Retriever named Gem, gaming, and surfing.

Soul Cage is the first in a new series and Luke’s third novel, though he is always coming up with ideas for his next project.  

The Interview

1.-What made you write a dark novel like A King’s Radiance? Are you afraid some readers might be turned down due to that?

I don’t think my book crosses into full grimdark. I am intrigued by chaos I guess, and I like to provoke strong emotions, one way to do that is by being mean to my characters.

2.- Which are your main sources of inspiration?

I draw inspiration from everything I read and watch, anime in particular. I love assessing good stories and what made them so good, what did the writer do to draw such an emotional reaction from me? And then I try to recreate it with my own twists.

3.- How’s that lovely dog called?

Her name is Gem! She is my 1-year-old Golden retriever

4.- What can we expect of you in the future (personally I hope a prequel)?

I do want to write a prequel, but that will depend on book 2 as the prequel might contain spoilers for it. Book 2 is 20k into the first draft, but I am also 100k into another project which is my little baby, but will be on the back burner until book 2 is out.

By my side, I can only add that I’m grateful that Escapist Book Tours gave me this opportunity, and to Luke for being so reachable.