Some Thoughts with ... Shami Stovall

3 Jul 2024

The Author/s

Shami Stovall

Shami Stovall

Shami Stovall is a multi-award-winning author of fantasy and science fiction. Before that, she taught history and criminal law at the college level, and loved every second. When she’s not reading fascinating articles and books about ancient China or the Byzantine Empire, Stovall can be found playing way too many video games, especially RPGs and tactics simulators.

The Interview

1.- Could you introduce yourself to Jamreads’ readers?
Hello! My name is Shami Stovall, and I’m an award-winning author of sci-fi and fantasy. I used to be an attorney, I’m married to John Stovall (also an author!) and I probably play way too many video games.

2.- What made you choose indie publishing?
So, I was traditionally published first (for 3 novels) but I made so little money doing it that it was rather discouraging. I also had a rough time working with the imprint’s editor (who wanted me to change a lot of things) and that left a sour taste in my mouth.
With Indie Publishing, I can maintain control of my story, AND I make significantly more money, both of which are deeply important to me.

3.- Your career as a writer started with The Sorcerers of Verdun. How was that first release?
Technically, my career started with Vice City, but The Sorcerers of Verdun was my first fantasy novel published, yes. It was a complicated release, and I learned a lot from it. I would say it was probably the book I made the most mistakes on.

4.- The series that brought you to the spotlight was the Frith Chronicles. How did this idea appear? How would you comp it?
I would say the Frith Chronicles is “Harry Potter meets Pokemon” because it’s a wild adventure filled with talking companions and deep friendships! It combines all my favorite things, from Digimon, to reading, to knights, to true love, to gathering rare magical creatures!
One of my best series.

5.- From all your bibliography, which books would you recommend to readers that are new to your works?
I would recommend Knightmare Arcanist if they love YA, or Star Marque Rising if they love sci-fi.

6.- Would you say your writing process has changed during your career?
I always write late at night, if that’s what you’re asking. If you mean how I outline or write or critique, then no, not really. I outline my books, write them, and then go back through and edit depending on what my writer’s group gives me.

7.- You’ve also made a foray into sci-fi, with The Nexus Games and The Half Life Empire. How it is different from writing fantasy?
The Nexus Games is technically techno-fantasy. There’s lots of guns and high-tech things, but everything is held together with magic! It’s more like… “Hunger Games meets Star Wars.”
And the Half-Life Empire is my love letter to Fallout! It’s a post-apocalyptic world with power armor and a wasteland. Very fun, but much darker.
Both books are a little different in that I did a lot of research on future technologies to make them more fun and believable! 

8.- Your latest series is Time Marked Warlock. How did this idea appear? Which pieces of media would you say influenced this one?
I suppose I would call this one “Groundhog Day meets Harry Dresden.” It’s a fun detective urban fantasy that is really more about healing the main character’s heart than anything else. Adair Finch has to regain his mojo, and what better way to do that than catching a killer?
This has all my favorite tropes in it. Grumpy/sunshine dynamic, and an older mentor with a younger student.

9.- How do you manage to keep so many series going?
I love writing stories! Sometimes, I get new ideas, and I can’t fit them all into ONE series, so I have to write many! And while it can sometimes be difficult to remember everything, that’s why I hire editors, LOL

10.- You're a big gamer and lover of anime. What mash up of genres, series, or games would you like to see or write yourself?
I guess I would love to see My Hero Academia meet up with US comic book heroes. Spider-Man and Batman specifically, LOL
I'd also love a Dragon Age/Final Fantasy mashup. Both those series are so fun.
I want to combine Mass Effect with something, but I think anime might be too intense for that game series, haha.

11.- What other hobbies do Shami Stovall have?
Shami loves talking about herself in the third person, playing video games, reading, and playing board games. She also loves her 3 doggos very much, and takes them on several walks!

12.- What can we expect from Shami Stovall in the future?
You can expect tons of books. This year I’ll be publishing at least 3 more (Time-Marked Warlock, Chronos Warlock, and Labyrinth Arcanist).
I’m HOPING that Six Words will also release, along with The Nexus Finale. But we’ll see!