Cover Reveal: A Dirge for Cascius, by Calum Lott

26 Apr 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of assist reveal the cover of A Dirge for Cascius, the science-fantasy debut novel of the Aussie author Calum Lott.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

The eternal influence of Chaos relentlessly spews its malice into the galaxy of Valsollas.

Addicted to reliving the sorrows of the past two centuries, Cascius Carcyde is on the brink of letting his lust for torment finally claim his mind. When the Velutran Sages deny him his only purpose in life, Cascius must forfeit his old ways and take an illuavan partner to solve the enigmatic Red Hand murders that rage across the stars.

To unravel a galaxy of mysteries and stop the Red Hand, Cascius must pull himself from the very depths of despair and learn to change, lest he and the entire Velutra fall into oblivion.

A Dirge for Cascius will be released the August 2nd, 2024. In case you are a reviewer, you can sign up for an ARC here.

The cover has been painted by John Devlin (Instagram), with typography from Rachel St Clair (Instagram).


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Calum Lott

Calum Lott

Born and raised in Australia, Calum Lott is the author of the upcoming Science Fantasy Duology, A Dirge For Cascius, with Part I set to release in August 2024. With inspiration from Hyperion, True Detective, Dune, the video game Disco Elysium, and, as always, Lord of the Rings, this will be the first of many tales set in the vast galaxy, Valsollas. In the meantime, you’ll find him adequately playing guitar, breaking controllers gaming, reading at a snail's pace, watching movies (LOTR over and over), annoying his beautiful girlfriend or sitting at his laptop writing stories whilst getting a sore arse.