Cover Reveal: A Phantom in the Forge, by Simon Tull

10 May 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover of A Phantom in the Forge, the second novel in the sci-fi series The Slip Saga, written by the Aussie author Simon Tull.

A Phantom in the Forge is the second book in Simon Tull's post-apocalyptic cyberpunk fantasy series, The Slip Saga. It's slated for release in early 2025. If you've ever wondered what would happen after a vampire apocalypse where the bloodsuckers hunted humanity to extinction and found themselves thirsting for eternity, Tull has been working on that answer for three and a half years.

The story starts with A Spectre in the Stream, which has just launched and is live right now on Kickstarter. Head over there and check it out!

Enter the slip. The Feast awaits.  

You can back book 1 in Kickstarter.

The cover has been designed by James T. Egan, at Bookfly.


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Simon Tull

Simon Tull

Simon Tull is a software sorcerer by day and a couch potato by night. By the cold light of morning, he transforms coffee grounds into fun stories. On the rare occasions he’s able to do something other than sling code or sweat words, he fancies himself as a yoga student, basketballer, runner, cook, and adequate barista.

Like many science fiction and fantasy authors, Simon was inspired to write his own stories after vicariously experiencing the exploits of Rand al’Thor, Druss the Legend, Murderbot, and, of course, Arthur Dent.

He lives on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia with his wife.