Cover Reveal: A Shot of Gin, by Phoebe Wagner

13 Feb 2023

Today we are joining forces with Parliament House Press, to help revealing the cover of A Shot of Gin, a novel by Phoebe Wagner.

Let's take a look at the blurb first!

Juniper “Gin” Cain works security for the vampire-owned All Saints Casino because vampires can’t drink her blood, but she’s pretty sure she’s mostly human. When her blood traits tick a warning that something bad approaches from the south, she doesn’t take the instinct seriously until a radiated zombie staggers into the casino’s club.

The attack draws new attention to Gin and her abilities, and the powerful Vegas vampires want a piece of her. Her fanged boss Colton, a cowboy turned during the Nevada silver rush, helps her escape into the high desert, but the Vegas vampires and radiated zombies keep following. When the Vegas vampires try to kidnap Gin, she accidentally creates a nuclear explosion. Gin realizes if she wants to save the casino and the people she has come to call family, she must give up the idea of being human and figure out where her blood traits really come from, all while trying to keep her home at the Saints Casino, and the rest of Reno, from getting nuked.

Let's look at this fantastic cover:


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Phoebe Wagner

Phoebe Wagner

Phoebe Wagner is an author, editor, and academic writing at the intersection of speculative fiction and climate change. Her debut novel A Shot of Gin is forthcoming from Parliament House Press (2023), and her novella When We Hold Each Other Up is forthcoming from Android Press (2023). She is the editor of three solarpunk anthologies, including Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk & Eco-Speculation. She blogs about speculative literature at the Hugo-winning Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together. Wagner holds a PhD in literature, and she is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania. Follow her at