Cover Reveal: An Exile of Water and Gold, by Joshua Walker

9 Apr 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of assist revealing the cover of An Exile of Water and Gold, the first novel in the Song of the Sleepers series, by the talented Aussie author Joshua Walker, whose novella The Rest to the Gods was an excellent debut.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

For centuries, the Aobians of the Great Tree have shared the continent of Q’ara with humanity. A select few known as Sleepers are empowered by Luminosity, the Tree’s greatest blessing.

Drift, a young and cynical Aobian, has been exiled from his homeland – forever. Now, with no understanding of this condemnation, Drift must traverse the land of humans below, and find his purpose in an ever-changing world. Tarri, his betrothed, seeks to do the same, whilst also bringing him home.

Elsewhere on Q’ara, an unknown organisation seeks to weaponise Luminosity for their own nefarious purposes. Drift himself is a part of this puzzle, and it quickly becomes apparent that the struggle for true power in Q’ara is emerging for reasons greater than anyone is prepared to grasp.

An Exile of Water & Gold is the first book in The Song of the Sleepers, an exciting new fantasy epic from Australian author Joshua Walker. To find out more about Josh and his work, head to

In the case you are wondering, the book will be released 18th June, 2024, and if you are interested in an ARC, here's a handy form.

The cover has been designed by Jeff Brown (website), one of my favourite artists. And honestly, I can't wait to have it in my hands!

An Exile of Water and Gold, by Joshua Walker

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