Cover Reveal: Bloodwoven, by G.J. Terral

15 Apr 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover of Bloodwoven, a dark fantasy novel, first in the Binding Tenets trilogy, written by the talented author G.J. Terral.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

Road-weary soldier Lindel thought all he needed to do to return home was finish his current escort mission. Then he discovers one of his charges murdered with a wailing newborn in her limp arms and his ally Aemun holding the accused murderer at knifepoint.

His new mission? Take the murderer, Tylle, to face judgment and execution. But then Lin is ambushed by monsters and gravely wounded. While unconscious, Tylle magically stitches Lin's wounds closed. An act forbidden by the Binding Tenets, laws that Lin's military faction aggressively enforces.

Lin wakes to find himself marked by Tylle's magic, making him appear as an oathbreaker.

Unfortunately, that's not Lin’s biggest problem. Tylle claims she can remove the markings if Lin helps her kill Aemun. What Lin doesn't know is that Tylle is part of a secret coterie working against the military faction Lin belongs to and is the sister of Lin's murdered charge.

Unless Aemun is alive to vouch for him, Lin will face a death sentence by his own people. But if Tylle is telling the truth, Lin might not need Aemun. No one would need to know Lin was ever marked. All he has to do is help find and kill his former ally. On the other hand, with Aemun's support, Lin could find forgiveness for breaking the Tenets. Lin would betray his savior, Tylle, but he never asked her to save him.

Killer blurb right? The cover is even better

It has been designed by Cristiana 'Cru' Leone, and it's an absolute piece of art.


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