Cover Reveal: Bone Sacking, by Astor Y Teller

20 May 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover of Bone Sacking, third book in the humorous fantasy series Them Old Bones Hexalogy, written by the enigmatic Astor Y Teller.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

Be careful what you wish for.

Or at least Miriam should, now that she suddenly gets the opportunity to do just that. But Miriam is in a rush after a rough encounter with a dragon which left both dead and missing persons. She wishes to get to the bottom of the treason and expose the culprits before it is too late, which leads her out into the blue.


With a lot of oceanic ice, Miriam and her ragtag band is hurled against new opponents: some lurking in the shadows, others charging them head on. There is even one who wants Miriam’s wishes to come true.

But Miriam never wished for a dragon. Not intentionally anyway  

Talking about things, this book is already up to pre-order on Amazon, with the release date set on the 28th July (so plenty of time to read the previous books).

The cover has been designed by the own author, making use of his graphic design skills.

Bone Sacking, by Astor Y Teller

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Astor Y Teller

Astor Y Teller

Everybody makes a story about themselves. Here is my take:

I started out

1) as a kid telling myself stories using my imagination, then

2) growing up to tell stories to others as a gamemaster (which I still do), then

3) getting sucked most unwilling into occult stuff (the flip side of quantum physics?), escaping that to

4) hesitantly get an education in programming, then

5) surviving dull years surrounded by the machines that go ping and keeping the weekends occupied by reading and being artful and conjuring exhaustion for the work week, then

6) saying enough is enough and submitting myself to another long streak of education, this time in art, where I started out painting (and still do) but graduated in spontaneous storytelling (or bearing witness to my imaginary worlds if you want a fancy way of saying it) then

7) start writing down these stories instead of telling them to an audience, ending up like

1) the kid I began as, telling myself stories using my imagination…

…which is the nation I prefer to be in (after doing my stint of travelling abroad) and where I go by the name of Astor Y Teller.

The rest of me can be gleaned from the books and if not, it’s not worth telling.