Cover Reveal: Bone Shroud (The Kallattian Saga #2), by Andrew D. Meredith

14 Nov 2022

Welcome everybody to this post! Today, I’m glad to be helping with revealing this absolute banger of a cover from my dear friend Andrew. So let’s talk a little about Bone Shroud, the second book on the Kallattian Saga.

Secrets deepen — Prophecies doom — Shadows grow

The errors of yesterday continue to haunt Hanen and Rallia Clouw, though deeper secrets from their past reveal an even darker future.A rift in the order of the paladins threatens to tear wide open, and Jined Brazstein is all that stands in the gap.A dark prophecy wilts the sisterhood, as Katiam Borreau is cast away to a land beyond the edge of any dream.The blind monk Seriah Yaledít has never feared death, until she becomes sole witness to a ghastly murder.While darkness stirs, nightmares become flesh, heretical schism looms, and contracts bind souls, an unseen figure walks in shadow wearing a cloak formed of countless bone made from his victims.

For those who seek the heroes path,

Fate takes more than bargained for.

Hubris breeds a deathless wrath,

That always hungers after more.

Well, if after reading this blurb, you are wanting to get the book, preorders are currently live on Amazon, and the physicals are available through Silverstones Books signed.

So let’s not wait more, here it is the cover:

Full art

Let’s check some details before finishing!


And that’s all for today! Personally, I can’t wait to have a copy between my hands!