Cover Reveal: Chasm, by Stacey McEwan

9 Feb 2023

Hello everybody!

Today, I have the pleasure of helping to reveal the cover of Chasm, the sequel to the acclaimed Legde, by Stacey McEwan. This September, we have a date to come back to The Glacian Trilogy; published by Angry Robot.

But first let's take a look at the blurb:

Dawsyn’s miraculous escape from the Ledge was just the beginning. In the queens’ dungeon, Dawsyn awaits her execution while reliving the death of her lover, Ryon. There is no hope for mercy.

But hope finds her in the form of rescue by her village friends. On the run and struggling to tame her newly-gained and greatly unstable powers, Dawsyn's journey continues. As she ascends the perilous mountain slopes once again to the Glacian kingdom in a desperate attempt to save those remaining on the Ledge, she discovers a new evil awaiting her. With a contingent of hundreds, she must lead her people way, but she has no way of knowing what will lie ahead, or what might follow behind… 

Fighting with her ax and newfound power is arduous enough, but finds she must also battle her feelings of betrayal and hope when those she thought lost forever, may not be gone after all…

It's time to take a look at this marvelous cover, designed by Kate Cromwell:


“Seal your eyes and sleep,

Still your lips, cease your breath;

Lie where sorrow dares not be,

Free from the hands of death”

This book is scheduled to be released on the 12th of September 2023; you can currently preorder it on:


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