Cover Reveal: Connected by Blood & Keys, by T.J. Smith

5 Jun 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover of Connected by Blood & Keys, the first novel in the Gifted Blood Universe, created by the author T.J. Smith.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

Seventeen-year-old orphan Tyler Asoron has lived a simple life with his aunt Rebecca and uncle Rion. As he approaches high school graduation, he decides to uncover the truth about his birth parents, a topic Rebecca has always avoided.

Tyler’s search for answers intensifies with the arrival of the Scotler family, old friends of his parents. Suddenly his world is thrown into chaos with shadowy figures, elusive voices, and dead animals in the woods. Rebecca warns him of the Cerif Coven, bloodthirsty immortal vampires who overthrew the royal Vasilikós kingdom—Tyler’s true lineage.

Tyler learns he has a long-lost twin brother, Rennon, and together they hold the key to restoring their dormant bloodline. With a vampire coven threatening him and secrets at every turn, Tyler must decide who to trust to uncover his true heritage and fulfill his ultimate destiny. Connected by Blood & Keys explores what it means to have trust, family, loyalty, and power.  

This book will be first available on Kickstarter from the 5th June. Here you have a handy link to help funding it!

The cover has been designed by Poyjeee.


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T.J. Smith

Originating from the bustling state of Utah, T. J. Smithis a self-taught designer, artist, and author with a passion forstorytelling. Believing that the gift of storytelling cannot be ignored,T. J. brings to life a diverse and colorful fantasy universe, firstconceived in a middle school classroom. These stories, born from simplelines of thought, explore different perspectives, experiences, andinterconnected destinies, mirroring the complexity of our waking world.