Cover Reveal: Digital Extremities, by Adam Bassett

11 Jun 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover of Digital Extremities, a short story collection written by Adam Bassett, a fellow reviewer and part of Campfire Writing.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

A collection of eight stories, Digital Extremities shines a spotlight on ordinary people in a callous yet hopeful future. Set in small towns and remote islands, where neon flickers against old homes and oaks, it paints a unique view of a traditionally cyberpunk setting.

In 2089, a woman miscarries and seeks a way to find peace amidst overwhelming grief. Years later, a young man must seek a way to pay rent outside of his job at the glassblowing studio. A pair of students, excited to go to college, install new hardware that promises to improve their cognitive functions. A private investigator searches for a missing child who has a reputation for embarking on risky adventures. Each tale is shaped by love, loss, and perseverance, weaving a vision of life outside of the megacities.

  "'Touching' and 'cyberpunk' might not often intersect, but they do with Digital Extremities. It swings from moving to haunting in an instant, searching for our humanity in an increasingly dim future. Bassett both honours the legacy of the genre while keeping one fixed firmly on new horizons with a collection which spans the world. "Brand New Eyes" gives a simple family drama a sci-fi gut punch while "36 Broadway Avenue" sets two fascinating characters against a ticking time-bomb. Each of these stories brings something great to the table."—Timothy Hickson, Hello Future Me & A Catalogue for the End of Humanity

The cover has been designed by Igzell, and it's stunning!


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