Cover Reveal: Gurzil & Badon Hill, by I. Anonymous

9 Nov 2022

audiobooks of a saga that is really beloved for me, as its unique retelling of Arthurian myths really made me fall in love with it. Yes, I’m talking about The Wars of Wrath, by I. Anonymous.

So let’s first talk about Gurzil, the first book of this saga:

WITH THE FALL AND SACK OF ROME, the barbarian hordes of the east claimed the lands of the Western Empire and brought forth an age of tyranny.




ON THE WAR-RAVAGED ISLAND of Britain, King Cedric of Wessex, launches a treacherous blitz attack against the kingdoms of the Romano Britons. Hopelessly outnumbered, the last descendent of King Lear, George of Bertilack must hold the Saxon advance long enough for his sworn enemy, Arthur Pendragon of Camelot, to unite the Britons in common cause.

FAR TO THE SOUTH, in the deserts of Libya, Princess Sabra of Saline fights against a more insidious foe. However, the shadowy cult that holds her people in bondage is more formidable than she realizes. For the god they worship is no idol of dead stone or gold.

HE IS THE LAST of his kind, an ancient evil, a relic of an age when fallen angels and nephilim ruled over mankind. For centuries, he has waited, but now the dragon Gurzil is ready to make his move.



What can I say? I loved it and devoured it in a single sitting. The story of Princess Sabra mixed with the Arthurian myths is simply amazing, and I loved how also some Christian myths and legends get mixed. Now, it’s audiobook, which you can get here, gets a new cover, and I won’t lie, I would auto-buy if a physical edition ever gets this cover:


It gets great the vibes of the saga, how metal it feels. It still keeps the original eye of the dragon in it but adds more colours, and honestly, I think the general composition gives the energy that this saga has.

And the saga continues with Badon Hill, which takes the spotlight more to the Britannic lands, going deeper into the different Arthurian myths and legends, giving its own unique twist. Personally, I found this my favourite of the two books, getting me to the extreme laugh at some episodes, while keeping the epic that is the common denominator of all the saga. Audiobook will soon be live.

Let’s check the blurb before going into the cover:

The Dragon Gurzil has lost his prize.

For now.

In Byzantine occupied North Africa, Princess Sabra, must now contend with new threats. For the arrival of her father and the high priest Ierna brings new dangers and new conspiracies.

As treachery brews on the sands of Lybia; far to the north in Britain, the battle for the island is at hand.

While the arrival of the newly crowned Arthur Pendragon gives new hope to the outnumbered Briton forces, it also brings new conflicts. Now if they are to survive the coming battle and defeat the saxons the briton lords will need to put aside old hatreds and bitter rivalries.

Complicating matters is Arthur’s impending marriage to George’s former lover, Gwenivier of Camliard. Now with the Saxon army fast approaching the prince of Cear Celemion and the future queen of Camelot must come to terms; both with each other and the ghosts of their shared past.

As George and Sabra both move towards their inevitable confrontations they begin to realize the same dark truth.

Those whom they trusted and loved have betrayed them. 

For this has been foretold.

And this will come to pass.

Let’s take a look at the new cover for the audiobook:


Again, I hope we also get a physical edition with all of those covers, because I think it captures perfectly the essence of the saga, but right now those are just for the audiobooks.

By my side, I would say that’s all. I want to thank I, Anonymous for giving me the opportunity of revealing those awesome covers, which I think are perfect for the saga. In case some of you might wanna know my opinion of the books, here are my reviews of them:

Gurzil (The Wars of Wrath #1).

Badon Hill (The Wars of Wrath #2).