Cover Reveal: House of Muir, by Luke Tarzian

28 Jun 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover of House of Muir, the second novel in the Shadow Twins series, written by Luke Tarzian, a gifted author for the prose, and with an intriguing worldbuilding (dear Soulsborne fans, you want his books).

Let's take a look at the blurb:

Once marked, always marked…

The war that was won, is lost. His country razed and friends dead, Cailean Catil seeks the miserable solace of inebriation. But fate has other plans for ill-lucked men.

An ocean away, he returns to the Galrun Muir, the order from which he was previously exiled. Seeking answers as to why they now worship the monster haunting his dreams, Cailean embarks on a quest to confront the ghost of Gabriel Muir and seal his tomb. Should he succeed, all will be made clear.

But some truths are better left dead.

The guilt will always call you back…

Fiel has lost everything. Her niece is dead at the hands of Te Mirkvahíl and her country has been razed by the demon’s legions. But fate has other plans for ill-lucked women.

An ocean away, in the city Harbanan, Fiel resumes her search for Vare Tal-úlm. Her journey leads her to the monster-hunting Galrun Muir who claim not only to have knowledge of Vare, but of Fiel’s previous visit to their hallowed grounds.

Lady Mirkvahíl, they say, has returned.

The dead rise…

Behtréal has won. Helveden is a ruin, the Ariathan Empire is dead, and The Keepers’ Wrath is his to wield. With it, in the dead city Banerowos, he can rewrite history and reclaim lives lost—he can bring his people back.

But things are not so simple as that, for within the dead city Behtréal must contend with the guilt of memory and all its ghosts.

Madness in truth…

The doors have opened.

Welcome in.

House of Muir is scheduled for release the December 21st, 2024. You can already preorder it using this link.

You can add it to Goodreads.

The cover has been painted and designed by the own Luke Tarzian


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