Cover Reveal: Ice and Ivy (Mages of the Wheel #4), by J.D. Evans

14 Jun 2023

Welcome to a new cover reveal! Today's one is really really special, as we will be joining other bloggers to help in revealing a cover for the next book in the award-winning series Mages of the Wheel, by J.D. Evans.

But let's first take a look at the blurb of this new book:

She is a void, the empty balance of magic.

When the Grand Vizier seeks to humiliate a man who has crossed him, a woman of the humblest origins is entangled in political webs far beyond her understanding, and bound into a marriage she cannot escape. She does not know who is an ally, and who is an enemy. But she does know she is drawn to the man whose dreams and heart seem made of ice.

 He is a mage broken, whose power has been warped.

The Blight ravages both Tamar and Sarkum, and their people, and armies, are starving. Violence and protests in Narfour have the city on the brink of rebellion. When Ihsan sees a chance to gain an ally with the only productive land left in Tamar for his cousin, the Sultana, he takes it. But nothing is as it seems when Behram Kadir is involved. Ihsan knows he should not trust the woman who has upended his life, even if she is the first warmth he has felt since fire stole everything from him.

Have I picked your curiosity? Let's take a moment to remember you can preorder this book on Amazon.

Time to look at this gorgeous cover, aesthetically following the scheme of the rest of the novels in this series.

Ice and Ivy will be published on the 19th of August

Tropes: Mistaken Identity, arranged marriage, ice magic, Beauty and the Beast meets Everafter vibes, grumpy/sunshine

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J.D. Evans writes fantasy and science fiction romance. After earning her degree in linguistics, J.D. served a decade as an army officer. She once spent her hours putting together briefings for helicopter pilots and generals. Now she writes stories, tends to two unreasonable tiny humans, knits, sews badly, gardens, and cultivates Pinterest Fails. After a stint in Beirut, J.D. fell in love with the Levant, which inspired the setting for her debut series, Mages of the Wheel.

Originally hailing from Montana, J. D. now resides in North Carolina with her husband, two attempts at mini-clones gone rogue, and too many stories in her head.