Cover Reveal: In Midnight's Shadow, by C.M. Debell

21 Apr 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

It's not a secret that The Many Shades of Midnight, by C.M. Debell, was one of my favourite books last year; so when she announced she was working on a companion short story collection to it, I was really excited. And here it is, In Midnight's Shadow.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

They took everything, even his name. Now he has nothing left to lose.

Fifteen years before the events in The Many Shades of Midnight, Alyas-Raine Sera was betrayed and exiled by a man he thought of as a brother.

Driven by a need for answers and desire for revenge, Alyas dedicates his life to opposing those responsible – his former king and the mining syndicates that control him. But with syndicate greed growing worse by the year, and disaster on the horizon, spiralling events will eventually lead him to a small mining town in Flaeres and a chilling encounter that will change everything.

Spanning the years of exile through to the immediate aftermath of the novel, this collection of seven stories reveals the pivotal events that shape the man who will reshape the world.

It is important to notice this collection comprises a piece that happens during The Many Shades of Midnight's events and other in the aftermath, so it is recommended to read it AFTER reading TMSOM.

This collection will be published the 21st May, 2024, and you can already preorder it in this link, or add it to your Goodreads shelf.

In case you are a reviewer, here is an ARC sign-up form

The cover has been designed by Miblart (link)

In Midnight's Shadow, by C.M. Debell

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