Cover Reveal: Lament of the Frost, by Lily Anne Crow

6 May 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover for one of the series that in my opinion is severely underrated, Way of the Wayfinder, written by Lily Anne Crow. The title of this third book is Lament of Frost.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

As the dust settles on the desolation left by the ancient queen and her undead army, Thaniel yearns to return home with the Dhulruk, Reima, his dearest companion.

Fate, however, has other plans.

When Reima learns her northern mountain home is at the mercy of waning magic, she must journey through treacherous terrain and unnamed danger with Thaniel by her side. When they arrive at the Silver City, a Dhulruk stronghold beneath the ice, Thaniel is horrified at what he learns. Not only are the magical systems falling into disrepair, but the city’s factions are practically at war, all while most of its inhabitants are locked in an unsettling slumber. When Thaniel and Reima discover sabotage by creatures of ice, along with the presence of a group of fabled champions with mysterious motives, they realize there is much more at play than simply the failing magic of a Dhulruk city in decline.                     

With companions both new and familiar, Thaniel and Reima must mend what's broken in order to safeguard the sleeping citizens and restore hope amidst the chaos of impending battle. But with powerful enemies closing in, it seems even Fate is against them. Will this spell the end for the Silver City, or will Thaniel and Reima find a way to save the Dhulruk people before catastrophe strikes?

As you can see, with this book, we kickstart a new arc in the Will of the Wayfinder series. It is scheduled to be released in two months.

The cover has been designed by the talented Jeff Brown (website).

Front cover of Lament of Frost, by Lily Anne Crow
Full art of Lament of Frost, by Lily Anne Crow

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Lily Anne Crow

Lily Anne Crow is a storyteller of dark fantasy and epic fantasy tales, where you never know what lurks in the shadows, and almost anyone can rise to the rank of hero. She has been writing stories of the fantastic since she could hold a quill. Her debut novel, If Light Above, is the first in the series titled A War of Whispers.

Though Lily has been training young Magisters for fifteen years, she desires a change of scenery and is aiming to make story-telling a full-time occupation. She is a lover of all things wild and magical, from sweet wine to exotic beasts, and from starry skies to snowy mountain-tops. 

When she’s not writing, Lily enjoys spending time with her closest people and her most beloved creatures, delving deep into nature, or discovering new parts of her fantasy world, Erlahain.