Cover Reveal: Mist Gallows, by Meri Bendson and Marie Sinadjan

6 Oct 2023

Welcome to a new cover reveal! Today we have the pleasure of helping reveal the cover of Mist Gallows, the third book on the Prophecies of Ragnarok series, written by Meri Benson and Marie Sinadjan, whose first book, Hotel Fen, we have previously read and reviewed.

Let's first look at the blurb:

Are you ready for the battle of a lifetime?

The end has begun. Ragnarok has arrived as prophesied. The Great Winter has brought Midgard to its knees, and it’s only a matter of time before the gods and their armies clash on Vigrid one last time.

Desperate to save the realms, Victor leads his friends on a mission to the underworld. He intends to seek out Hel, daughter of Loki and Hodr’s lover, and convince their side to stand down and make peace with Odin, therefore averting the war.

But a far greater threat than the reckoning of an ancient feud looms on the horizon. Silje learns that Yggdrasil is dying, and if the Tree of Worlds dies, the worlds die along with it…

There isn't a pre-order link yet, so keep your eyes peeled on socials for the 13th, when this book is released.

And time to look at the cover!

Cover of Mist Gallows

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Meri Benson

Meri Benson

Meri Benson is a Chicago-land native, and storyteller for as long as she can remember. She’s always had an extremely vivid imagination, leading to the creation of imaginary friends as a child, and characters that live in a variety of worlds of their own as an adult. Most of her characters tend to stay locked up in notebooks, their worlds spun and developed carefully until she feels that they are ready for family and close friends; though occasionally developed further into stories for writing contests and classes, including a Best Mystery win during grade school.

Her preferred writing genres are science fiction and fantasy; coming as no surprise to those aware that she’s been attending sci-fi conventions since the age of four---adorned in hand-made costumes, no less, thanks to her talented family. The artist halls of these conventions were filled with dragons, fairies, and other mythical creatures that only fueled her imagination and stories she developed both on paper and in her head. This is also her preferred choice for a quick read as well, thanks to growing up around her parents’ massive library ranging from mystery to fantasy and beyond.

While she graduated with a BA in psychology, Meri is an artist at heart and is always looking for new ways to create and has a myriad of things to keep her busy. When not writing, she is usually found behind her camera capturing the world one shutter snap at a time, or drawing it onto a sketch pad; though she’s also been known to be bent over a potter’s wheel, molding the world to her liking. Her favorite distractions from creative endeavors and writing are her two cats that enjoy ‘helping’ by settling themselves on her, or whatever project has stolen her attention away from her number one “fans”.  

Marie Sinadjan

Marie Sinadjan

Marie is a Filipino fantasy author, singer-songwriter, and musical theatre actress. She is the co-author of The Prophecies of Ragnarok series, and her short stories have appeared in anthologies, magazines, and literary journals. She mainly writes fantasy of the mythology, fairytales, and folklore variety.

When not crunching numbers for her full-time job or spending time with her family, she’s traveling, drinking coffee, reading and reviewing books, dreaming up more worlds, writing more songs, or serenading vegetables. She currently lives in the United Kingdom with her husband.