Cover Reveal: No Port In A Storm (Legends & Legacies #2), by Cal Black

13 Jan 2023

Welcome everyone!

It's time for revealing the cover for the sequel of one of my favourite books of 2022, No Land For Heroes. In this case, we are going to reveal (in collaboration with other blogs and creators), the cover for No Port In A Storm, the second book in the Legend & Legacies series. It has been designed by ebooklaunch.

Let's firstly look at the blurb:

‘The Bayou wants its Butcher back’

Ghosts of Mildred Berry’s past stalk her dreams, dredging up memories she’d rather forget. Struggling with the return to city life and a surprise marriage, Millie finds her strongest ally is distracted, preparing for the Colfield Massacre trial.

When the trial’s key witness goes missing, a bloody message makes it clear to Millie that the city of Marigot is done waiting for its vengeance against the man who betrayed it… and the elf who burnt it down.

Enemies new and old lurk in the bayou, while all of Millie’s old allies are long dead. If she goes after the witness, she’ll be walking into a city of vipers. If she doesn’t, she’ll lose her closest friend. The Bayou wants its Butcher back, and it doesn’t care who stands in its way.


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We also have a small snippet from the book:


Its release is expected in early April 2023, and it will cover themes such as healing from trauma, post-traumatic growth, and survivor’s guilt. I don't know you, but I'm so excited for reading this book!

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Cal Black

Cal Black is a Canadian writer based in Ontario who enjoys writing about messy people who make an effort to improve their situation. Cal was a contributor to the Advent of Winter anthology, a Finalist in the SFINCS novella contest, and is the author of the Legends & Legacies series. Cal writes gaslamp fantasy, cosmic fantasy, and has a bad habit of ‘trying out new genres’ when already full up on projects.