Cover Reveal: Realm of Fey Books 1-3, by Ben Alderson

16 May 2024

Welcome to a multiple cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the new covers of the Realm of Fey series, written by Ben Alderson

The Realm of Fey series follows Robin Icethorn, a half-fey boy who grows up in the human land, blissfully unaware that he is the last heir to a major magical dynasty and one he must claim... between Robin and Erix, his personal guard - and love story, they must prevent a war between the realms. With plenty of fight scenes, angst, heartache, familial divisions, and plenty of spice, these fantasy romance books are perfect for fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses and From Blood and Ash.

A Betrayal of Storms #1 | Publishes 22nd October 2024

Half-fey Robin Vale has grown up amongst humans, but that doesn’t save him from being captured for coin by fey hunters. When he’s rescued by a fey princess, he’s taken to Wychwood, the fey realm where he’s revealed to be the lost heir to the Icethorn Court. Aided by the unclaimed, destructive power of the Winter Court, the fey ready their numbers for complete domination of the human realm. But by claiming the throne with the help of his devastatingly handsome personal guard, Erix, Robin’s very presence opposes the long-planned invasion, thrusting him into a world of betrayal, murder and lies. He must survive long enough to have the choice—listen to fate and claim his family’s power, or let it wreak havoc on a realm that turned its back on him for becoming who he was truly meant to be.

A Betrayal of Storms, by Ben Alderson

A Kingdom of Lies #2 | Publishes 26th November 2024

Despite the deception of friends and family, Robin Icethorn has become the King he was destined to be. But enemies still surround him, some hidden behind the smiles of those he trusts. His world is thrown into chaos when the gods become more than just stories. And Robin will do anything to save his father, his last living relative. Even if that means striking up a deal with the father of the person who tried to murder him.

A Kingdom of Lies, by Ben Alderson

A Deception of Courts #3 | Publishes 3rd December 2024

Robin Icethorn, King of the Winter Court, must stop The Hand, who threatens to bring forth a time of monsters. The search for the keys to free Duwar, the demon God, from his unearthly bindings has begun. Finding unlikely allies, Robin is thrust into a war of Gods, becoming no more than a pawn on the game board he never wished to be a part of. Whilst new flames crackle with electrifying power and old flames return, equally changed – Robin is forced to make decisions that would change the course of his, and his kingdoms, lives forever.

A Deception of Courts, by Ben Alderson

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