Cover Reveal: Shoestring Theory, by Mariana Costa

27 Mar 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today's reveal is quite special, as we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover of Shoestring Theory, a charmingly irreverent fantasy that weaves magic and romance into a charming adventure, written by Mariana Costa, and published by Angry Robot Books (also, yas, cats!)

Let's look at the blurb first:

The kingdom of Farsala is broken and black clouds hang heavy over the arid lands. Former Grand-Mage of the High Court, Cyril Laverre, has spent the last decade hiding himself away in a ramshackle hut by the sea, trying to catch any remaining fish for his cat familiar, Shoestring, and suppressing his guilt over the kingdom’s ruin. For he played his part – for as the King, Eufrates Margrave, descended further and further into paranoia, violence and madness, his Grand-Mage – and husband – Cyril didn’t do a thing to stop him.

When Shoestring wanders away and dies one morning, Cyril knows his days are finally numbered. But are there enough left to have a last go at putting things right? With his remaining lifeblood, he casts a powerful spell that catapults him back in time to a happier period of Farsalan history – a time when it was Eufrates’s older sister Tig destined to ascend to the throne, before she died of a wasting disease, and a time when Cyril and Eufrates’s tentative romance had not yet bloomed. If he can just make sure Eufie never becomes King, then maybe he can prevent the kingdom’s tragic fate. But the magical oath he made to his husband at the altar, transcending both time and space, may prove to be his most enduring – and most dangerous – feat of magic to date…

A time-travelling, cosy romantasy for fans of Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree.

Let's go for the important data: it will be published in Hardback, Ebook and Audio the 8th October, 2024.

You can already preorder it using this handy link. 

The cover has been designed by Alice Coleman (@onecuriouschip on Instagram and Twitter); also, if I haven't stressed it enough CATS!!

Shoestring Theory, by Mariana Costa

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