Cover Reveal: The Amber Dame, by Brendan Noble

1 Feb 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover of The Amber Dame, a prequel novella to The Realm Reachers saga, written by Brendan Noble.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

Amber must be bought with blood.

Kasia Niezik has lost everything. Echoes of her father’s murder haunt her every night. And when she wakes, she hears the voice of her lost lover, slain by her untamed magic.

She needs vengeance, answers. But first, she must restore her fallen house.

Rare amber is the key. Vast reserves of it lie the borderlands of a rival house. To deceive her foes into believing her claim, Kasia must be cunning, but lines on a map mean little among the elites. Amber must be bought with blood.

Set two years before The Crimson Court, follow Kasia’s rise into the Amber Dame as she faces rival nobles, untamed beasts, and her own dark past.

This novella will be available in The Crimson Court Kickstarter that will be released the 5th of February (link) (as an add-on), and also for the subscriber of Bredan's newsletter (you can subscribe here).

The cover has been illustrated by Kateryna Vitkovskaya, and it's another piece of art.

The Amber Dame, a prequel to the Realm Reachers

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Brendan Noble

Brendan Noble

Brendan Noble is an American epic fantasy author writing epic fantasy with inspiration from his Polish ancestry, mythology, video games of all types, and Dungeons & Dragons. He loves to explore the complexities of politics and the gray between good and evil.

Shortly after beginning his writing career in 2019, Brendan married his wife Andrea and moved to Rockford, Illinois from his hometown in Michigan. Since then, he has published three series: The Realm Reachers, The Frostmarked Chronicles, and The Prism Files.

Outside of writing, Brendan is a data analyst and soccer referee. His top interests include German, Polish, and American soccer/football, Formula 1, analyzing political elections across the world, playing extremely nerdy strategy video games, exploring with his wife, and reading.