Cover Reveal: The Council of Althyzia, by D.H. Hoskins

28 Feb 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover of The Council of Athyzia, a new political high fantasy, and which will be the debut novel for D.H. Hoskins.

Let's take a look at the blurb first!

The Osseomancer is finally vanquished, but the work has only just begun. When the mage Snorri and his aide Nauveena convene a council to discuss how best to rebuild, all those who fought against the Osseomancer come from far and wide to attend. Nauveena expects such a council to be easy, especially compared to years of war.

But soon enough, she learns that politics might be more difficult than magic. Differences forgotten during the war are quickly remembered. Each member of the council arrives at Athyzia wishing to build a lasting peace, but each has their own idea of what that peace should look like.

Nauveena assists Snorri in presiding over the council, but soon finds herself bartering votes and forging alliances to protect an already fragile world. Soon, she will need to protect much more than this, as magic itself becomes threatened. How the council votes on these matters will reshape the world, and possibly not for the better…

THE COUNCIL OF ATHYZIA is a high fantasy novel filled with elves and dwarves, politics, libraries, and magic.

Talking about the details: the book is scheduled for June, with eARCs available in March (if your curiosity is picked, you can sign-up here).

The cover has been designed by Lucy Giller at @littlegemstudio


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