Cover Reveal: The Crimson Court, by Brendan Noble

10 Jan 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of helping reveal the cover of The Crimson Court, a new fantasy proposal by Brendan Noble, which will kick start The Realm Reachers series. Let's start by taking a look at the blurb.

Spirits haunt the realm of Zekiaz. Flee them, fight them, or wield them. But they bow to no master.

The upstart matriarch of a fallen house, Kasia Niezik has sworn to destroy the elusive Crimson Court who assassinated her father. They are near immortal, wielding the spirits that once ended civilization a millennium ago, but she is a Reacher of the realm of Death. Their worst fear.

But to kill her deceitful foes, first she must find them.

Kasia travels to the capital, seeking allies either brave or foolish enough to help her infiltrate the Crimson elites. Whether spirit hunter, princess, or thief, though, everyone has a hidden agenda. And those with the widest smiles hold daggers behind their backs.

Step into a new world of fantasy intrigue where flintlock guns, epic magic, gaslamp technology, and spirits clash amid shadowy bids for power. Revenge is sweet, but at what cost?  

Flintlock fantasy is one of my favourite genres; so when I heard about this one, I was really excited.

Talking about dates: it will be released on retailers the 23rd April 2024, so you can preorder it on digital on Amazon now; it will be possible to get a special edition hardcover in Kickstarter, which will be up to back in February.

The cover and the case cover art (for the Kickstarter) have been designed by Kateryna Vitkovskaya, and it's absolutely stunning.

Cover art by Kateryna Vitkovskaya

As you can see, it's an absolute masterpiece.

In the case of the Kickstarter, it will include a full color interior option (or black and white), including 3 maps, noble house emblems, chapter and page decorations, 3 portrait art pieces, and the extra case hardcover (or inside of paperback cover) art.

Case cover art by Kateryna Vitkovskaya
Radais by Joni Matoz
Kasia by Joni Matoz

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Outside of writing, Brendan is a data analyst and soccer referee. His top interests include German, Polish, and American soccer/football, Formula 1, analyzing political elections across the world, playing extremely nerdy strategy video games, exploring with his wife, and reading.