Cover Reveal: The Glorious and Epic Tale of Lady Isovar, by Dave Dobson

15 May 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover of The Glorious and Epic Tale of Lady Isovar, an epic fantasy story of adventure, friendship, heroic battles, and vile villains, written by the SPSFC3 finalist Dave Dobson.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

Lady Isovar is a mighty and supremely confident knight errant who tends to leap into adventure with both feet and then track it all over the rug. Chevson, her long-suffering squire and companion, is a former student of stone magic who spends most of his time keeping his mistress from causing enthusiasm-related injury to innocent bystanders. A tragic turn of events has sent them far from home, where they roam the countryside righting wrongs, smiting miscreants, deposing despots, and taunting their foes, often with seriously questionable one-liners. This new life is more than enough for Izzy, but Chevson wants nothing more than to set right what he harmed long ago. Following clues to sites of ancient power, they might just achieve his aim. That is, if they aren't murdered, dismembered, devoured, executed, roasted, or derailed by Izzy's bravado first.

Content Warning: This book includes a lot of medieval-style violence and some gore (so long as it's not a Fourthday).

The book will be released the 21st May, 2024, and if you are a reviewer, you can request an ARC at

You can already pre-order it on Amazon and add it to your Goodreads.

The cover art has been done by Yves Münch (Creatyves) and design by Olivia Pro Design (Fiverr).


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Dave Dobson

Dave Dobson

A native of Ames, Iowa, Dave loves writing, reading, boardgames, computer games, improv comedy, pizza, barbarian movies, and the cheaper end of the Taco Bell menu. Also, his wife and kids.

Dave is the author of Snood, Snoodoku, Snood Towers, and other computer games. Dave first published Snood in 1996, and it became one of the most popular shareware games of the early Internet. He’s recently published some puzzle card games in the Doctor Esker’s Notebook series.

Dave taught geology, environmental studies, and computer programming at Guilford College for 24  years. He does improv comedy at the Idiot Box in Greensboro, North Carolina. He’s also played the world’s largest tuba in concert. Not that that is relevant, but it’s still kinda cool.

Flames Over Frosthelm was Dave’s first novel, released in 2019. He followed it a year later with Traitors Unseen and The Outcast Crown, then Daros in 2021 and The Woeling Lass in 2022 and Got Trouble in 2023. He’s currently at work on another sci-fi novel and a second contemporary thriller.