Cover Reveal: The Hiding, by Alethea Lyons

3 Nov 2023

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the luck of help reveal the cover for The Hiding, the first book on the Seer of York series, an urban fantasy proposal by the English author Alethea Lyons, and which will be published by Brigid Gate Press.

Let's take a look at the blurb of this book that will be published on March 2024:

Arcane archivist Harper has always been plagued by dreams of grotesque creatures and bloody deaths. When she bumps into a ghostwalker in the Shambles and has a visceral experience of his execution, she knows it’s a foretelling. Yet fear of the Queen’s Guard stops her speaking out. When her vision indeed comes true, the unusual markings on the ghostwalker’s corpse, combined with his neatly excised vocal cords, send a ripple of terror through York. The witch hunt is on. As the body count rises, Harper knows her magic is the only way to find the killer – if she can avoid being hanged as a witch. To protect both human and supernatural, Harper walks the thin line between their worlds. She and her demonhunter foster-sister form a multi-faith team with a forensic scientist, a spirit Harper accidentally summoned, and a techno-witch, to catch the killer before more people die.

Pre-orders will be live the 5th November!

Time to take a look at the cover!

Cover of The Hiding, book 1 on the Seer of York series

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Alethea lives in Manchester, UK with her husband, little Sprite, a cacophony of stringed instruments, and more tea than she can drink in a lifetime.