Cover Reveal: The Isolated Vizier, by N. M. Felker

18 Jan 2023

Welcome everybody! Today I have the pleasure of helping in revealing one awesome cover, for a book that is coming this February 1st.

Let's first examine the blurb of The Isolated Vizier, the third book in The Spectre of War series.

In a world of political intrigue and dark magic, Iago's journey begins when he is nearly executed as a boy.

Saved by a mysterious stranger, he is then thrust into an unfamiliar school and environment. He learns to read during the day and is secretly tutored in the dark magic at night, Iago discovers a glowing blue stone that will play a critical role in his journey.

As he graduates and rises through the ranks, Iago's thirst for power and knowledge drives him to push himself to the brink of his own limits. But as his ambition takes him down a dark path, he is forced to question if true happiness is even possible for him.

Meanwhile, a young band of adventurers from the Sparrowhawk Guild find themselves drawn into a web of conspiracy as they embark on a quest to find Lady Corenna, who has gone missing. As they meet the enigmatic assassin 'L' and face death at every turn, they come to realize that their quest may be connected to Iago's own struggles in ways they never could have imagined.

This gripping third installment in a thrilling fantasy series explores the depths of ambition, power, and the cost of sacrificing one's soul for it, perfect for fans of J.R.R Tolkien, George R.R Martin, and Brandon Sanderson.

And now, let's take a look at the marvelous cover!


Remember that you can pre-order the book from Amazon using this link. Preorders help greatly authors and give a big boost to their creations!

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