Cover Reveal: The Rest to the Gods, by Joshua Walker

2 Jan 2024

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Today we have the pleasure of collaborating with other bloggers to help reveal the cover of The Rest of the Gods, a novella which is part of The Song of the Sleepers series, and the debut book of Joshua Walker.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

On the peak of the Mountain Pass, the Four Front War takes its final breaths.

With the imminent announcement of an armistice, the nations of Aobia, The Hidden Ones, and Adira fight against the tyrant-led Theradoran force from the continent of Q’ara’s west. Every last drop of blood is being squeezed from the alliance, and Aobian Sleeper, Nischia, is beginning to lose hope in the war effort. 

After a team of spies discover that Therador has sent a unit of two hundred to open a mountainside route and flank the Aobian army, it becomes Nischia’s job to lead a tiny team of fourteen against them—all the while traversing a narrow escarpment that runs along a cliff wall above the ridge the enemies are crossing. 

Short on resources, strength, and numbers, she must do all she can to preserve the lives of her team, as well as stop Therador’s last attempt to break their army. Duty rides on her shoulders, she has never satisfied, and she must wrestle with her inner demons all the while.

The walls are closing in.

The allies are dwindling. 

The last front is on its knees.

Interested in it? Well, you can read it from the 9th January and on; you can get it as an ebook just by subscribing to Joshua Walker's newsletter or getting it on Amazon. Adding it to your to-read shelf in Goodreads also helps.

The cover has been designed by Stefanie Saw at SeventhStar Art (link)

Cover of The Rest to the Gods, by Joshua Walker

Run, don't walk, to get this book!

What other people are saying about it

"A captivating story of courage and resilience, set in a beautiful world that is brilliantly realized. In The Rest to the Gods, Walker has given us an appetizer that leaves you begging for dinner" - Scott Palmer, author of A Memory of Song.

"Walker provides a deliciously detailed world filled with intrigue, magic and life. The world of Q'ara is bursting with history and the taste that The Rest to the Gods provides will have you salivating for more" - Kris Marchesi, A Fictional Escapist.

"An epic and powerful story with a character full of nuances, all wrapped by strong prose and a really intriguing worldbuilding" - Jamedi, JamReads.

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