Cover Reveal: The Star-Crossed Empire, by Maya Darjani

1 May 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of assist in revealing the cover of The Star-Crossed Empire, a romantic space opera proposal by the author Maya Darjani, also known for her Ancient as the Stars.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

Get swept away into a lush and romantic space opera that transcends time, battles court intrigue, and spans the entire Galactic Whorl.

A Republic soldier
A reluctant Emperor

When love and duty collide, who wins?

Layla is a patriotic soldier of the Altainan Republic. But when she reencounters the handsome imperial noble she fell in love with years before, she falls again. Hard. And she decides: she’s going to marry that man. Duty be damned.

Unfortunately, he’s also the new Valharan Emperor.

And their planets are about to go to war.

As tensions rise, Layla must resolve her dual loyalties and broker peace, before the Whorl goes up in flames–and she loses the man she loves. 

The book is set to be release the 14th November, 2024 (hey, that's my birthday). You can already pre-order it on Amazon

It will be released in eBook, paperback and hardcover.

The cover has been designed by the own author, using stock photos from DepositPhotos (props for it)

The Star-Crossed Empire, by Maya Darjani

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