Cover Reveal: The Witch who Trades with Death, by C. M. Alongi

18 Jun 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today, in collaboration with Angry Robot Books and other bloggers, we are helping reveal a new dark fantasy novel which will be a book to keep an eye on 2025, The Witch who Trades with Death, written by C. M. Alongi.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

All witches must serve the cruel and immortal Emperor Yacatl. But after four years of terror and abuse, Khana not only kills one of his favorite courtiers with her magic, but also discovers the secret of his power and immortality: he’s been making deals with Death. And now, so is she.

Armed with magic that she doesn’t fully understand, Khana flees the empire and stumbles into a small mountain town filled with fierce warriors that ostracize her for being a witch, despite using her abilities to heal their sick and injured. There, her magic and courage are put to the test as she is forced to stop running and fight back against the emperor that wants her dead.

But every deal she makes with Death takes another piece of her soul. And there’s only so much Khana can give before she turns into the very monster she’s trying to destroy.

The Witch who Trades with Death stars a band of characters including Khana, a traumatized witch who joins the military to fight back against our antagonist Yacatl’s advancing armies, and the personification of Death themself, who can tip the scales to help or hinder as they please…

The Witch who Trades with Death will be released in Hardback, E-book and Audiobook on the March 11th, 2025.

Time for the stunning cover, perfect for this dark fantasy proposal, which has been designed by Sarah O'Flaherty (Instagram)

The Witch Who Trades With Death, by C. M. Alongi

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