Cover Reveal: Titanica, by Alex Robins

13 Feb 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover to the third book and final on the Ruined Gods series, Titanica; a Greek mythology inspired series whose first book, Panacea, made into my best of 2023 list, written by Alex Robins.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

All Things Must End.

Zeus’s plan for vengeance has failed. Blinded by hubris and petty hate, the greatest of the Gods unwittingly released his father, Cronos, from the bowels of the Underworld. The Titan now rules Olympus while his son lies imprisoned within, shackled to a throne that is no longer his.

For the inhabitants of Tyrris, there will be no redemption. They have spread too far; changed too much. They riddle the land like a disease, clinging tenaciously to their deluded ideals of freedom. Such a plague cannot be cured, only excised. Burnt and bloodied until there is nothing left. A clean slate from which to start anew.

And so, the human race begins to fall apart. Swallowed by the corruption of The Citrine Wastes. Slaughtered by the relentless myrmidon army. Strategos Dexios and his allies have nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. They are alone.

Unless. There are others who still resist. Who still believe. Frail and weary, but not yet broken.

They are the Exiled.

The Banished.

The Ruined Gods.

The release date is set on the 11th April 2024, so you can currently preorder it on this link.

The cover art has been made by Felix Ortiz, and the typography by Shawn T. King, making an excellent result:

Titanica, by Alex Robins
Full spread of Titanica

And the full series, which will be finished with the release of this last book:


And a handy link to Amazon, so you can get all the books from Alex!

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