Cover Reveal: Traitor's Tome, by Emma L. Adams

4 Oct 2023

Welcome to a new cover reveal! Today we have the pleasure of collaborating with Escapist Book Company and other bloggers to help reveal the cover of Traitor's Tome, the second book on the Death's Disciple series, whose first book reached SPFBO9 semifinals, written by Emma L. Adams.

Let's take a look at some book info:

Traitor’s Tome by Emma L. Adams
Death’s Disciple
Dark Epic Fantasy
Intended Age Group: Adult
Pages: approx. 450
Kickstarter October 10 – October 26, retail release Feb. 2024
Publisher: Self Published

And the blurb:

Several weeks have passed since the capital of Laria narrowly escaped destruction at the hands of the god of death and His followers. Former Captain Yala Palathar is attempting to lie low, but the dead no longer rest easily in their graves, and her role in the battle has drawn attention from potential allies and foes alike.

Niema, too, has been irrecoverably changed by the choices she made during the battle of Dalathar, and journeying home to the Disciples of Life reveals the devastating consequences of her actions. Niema grapples with her desire to protect Yala’s secrets, but when monsters start appearing in the forest, she fears that she’s brought doom upon her own people.

When the Disciples of the Flame come to Yala with the news that a dangerous book used by the god of death’s followers has gone missing, Yala is compelled to seek it out to avert further disaster. Her quest takes her to Setemar, home of the Disciples of the Earth, where her path soon crosses with Kelan and the Disciples of the Sky. It isn’t long before Kelan’s alliance with Yala puts him at odds with his fellow Disciples, and the closer Yala treads to the domain of the god of death, the louder Mekan’s voice whispers in her own ear.

With threats stirring above and below ground, ally is set against ally, and not everyone will survive the calamity that will follow…

Currently, you can start following the Kickstarter, and add the book to your Goodreads, which is always a great boost to help gauge interest,

Kickstarter banner

Time to look at the stunning cover!

Traitor's Tome, book 2 on the Death's Disciple series

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