Cover Reveal: Witch in the Lighthouse, by Azalea Forrest

13 Mar 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the new cover of Witch in the Lighthouse, a cozy fantasy novel written by Azalea Forrest, and which is the first instalment in The Witch of Emelle Series (wink).

Let's take a look at the blurb first:

Witch in the Lighthouse is a warm cup of tea full of magic, hope, friendship, and forgiveness.

Moving to Lightview was supposed to be a new beginning for Magnolia Hanna, a piece of closure, a connection to her past. Inheriting her uncle's lighthouse wouldn't make her life easy, but she never expected such hostile neighbors. She was a witch from the hidden mountain hamlet of Emelle, after all, and Lightview hadn't housed a witch in more than a decade.

Unfriendly villagers are the least of her problems, however, when a witch named Basil Olivander arrives on her doorstep, weighed down by his own grief. Maggie soon learns why Lightview harbors such disdain for witches — and who is to blame for her troubles in this new town.

Book One in The Witch of Emelle Series

An audiobook is in production (expected for the last days of April), narrated by Samantha Rogalski, and which will be available in Audible, Amazon, and iTunes

You can order a copy using this handy link.

This new cover has been designed by the own author and Math Graphics & Audio.

Witch in the Lighthouse, by Azalea Forrest

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Azalea Forrest

Azalea Forrest is a fantasy author living with her partner, two cats, and leopard gecko in sunny Florida. Her stories focus on hope and adventure, being a better person, coping with mental illness, and doing your best. She loves getting inside a character’s head to learn who they are.

Aside from writing, she is also a photographer, editor, and gamer. Described as a “living Ghibli character”, Forrest wants to spread a little more light in the world. She is affiliated with Mathematician Records, where you can buy her books directly.