Cover Reveal: Witchazel, by T. C. Roberts-Finn

24 Apr 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of assist reveal the cover of Witchazel, the first book in the episodic series A Slayer's Pilgrimage, by T. C. Roberts-Finn, which is inspired by Witcher and noir novels.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

“You’re evil. It’s in your blood. It’s festering in your brain. It lingers wherever you go and rots wherever you stay. I’ve got to put you down, Silas. You know that. I just wish you made it easier for yourself.”

“Easier?” the necromancer screamed. “Nothing about this is easy.”

Kaleb Slow is on a religious pilgrimage. Lacking clear direction beyond the destruction of foul things that stalk the night, he has settled into an uncomfortable rhythm of hunting and slaying, living a life somewhere between private investigator and highway ranger.

Author T.C Roberts-Finn lays out an introduction to a world beset by corruption and rot. An evocation of life on the frontier and the justice of vigilantes. It is at once the tale of destruction, passions and vengeance. But is his purpose truly divine? Or will his pilgrimage lead him down an endless road of nightmares and bloodlust?

It is scheduled to be released during July, 2024; the author is still looking for ARC readers, so you can contact him on Twitter or emailing hit at tom_robertsfinn(at)yahoo(dot)com

The cover has been designed by OH MY BUTTERFLY (Instagram)

Front cover of Witchazel

Witchazel is the debut novel from T.C Roberts-Finn, the first instalment of the episodic saga A Slayer’s Pilgrimage. Blade Runner meets The Witcher - this gothic fantasy follows Kaleb Slow as he tracks and kills evil across Dermol’s three remaining kingdoms, whilst exploring his life-long pilgrimage for purpose and bloodlust.

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T. C. Roberts-Finn

T. C. Roberts-Finn

T.C. Roberts-Finn was always a huge fan of fantasy in fiction and media, but was always frustrated that he could never find exactly what he was looking for. In 2020, he decided to take matters into his own hands and finally create the fantasy story that he was always looking for. Using inspiration from the D&D games that he ran for around 10 years, he began to write a fantasy book that had tones of horror & noir, while packing it full of monsters, magic, faith and politics.