Cover Reveal: World of Darkness, by Lorraine Wilson

3 Apr 2024

Welcome to a new cover reveal!

Today we have the pleasure of help reveal the cover of World of Darkness, the first book in a Vampire: The Masquerade set series, The Chronicles of Nottingham, written by Lorraine Wilson.

Let's take a look at the blurb:

For hundreds of years, vampires – the Kindred – have hidden themselves from human sight, manipulating us in every possible way to further their own interest.

When this Masquerade is threatened by a police detective – Alethea Nightengale – her world is torn apart to keep the secret. Fleeing for her life from the monsters who now hunt her, she must learn to survive among the Kindred, lest the World of Darkness destroy her completely.

As a VtM product, it will be available digitally on .epub and .pdf from the own Storytellers: Vault page.

The cover has been designed by Eleanor Yates (@enthralledyet on Twitter and Instagram), and it deserves all the love!


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Lorraine Wilson

Lorraine Wilson

Game developer and writer, whose work in X4: Foundations and Wolves in the Westwind are certainly remarkable. She’s also planning to self-publish some novels based in the world of Vampire: the Masquerade, so it seemed a great excuse to give a spotlight to a person that deserves it.

Lorraine Wilson has worked in the video game industry for ten years, with a focus on narrative, character development and game design for all of it. Meanwhile, she has been telling stories all her life, from space adventures to Gupter (Jupiter, for five-year olds) to thrilling hunts for other-worldly horrors and most recently delving into the fantastic world of tabletop RPGs. Her known works include the visual novel Forgotten Fables: Wolves on the Westwind, the narrative of Spellforce: Conquest of Eo, and the newly released Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator.

A keen enthusiast of gothic and urban horrors and thrillers, Lorraine has developed a unique style that focuses heavily on character development and agency to put the audience at the centre of relatable stories, even in universes wildly different to our own. She leans on themes of grief, loss, and trauma as vehicles towards strength and maturity, but is unafraid to make characters flawed as a lesson to the audience too.

Since she was a teenager, she has used her writing as an escape both for herself and for her audience. Now in her thirties, she still believes in the power both to distract from real-world troubles and empower people to get through hard times. She hopes to share the excitement of dark and pressing thrillers to as many people as she can.