The Witching Tide, by Margaret Meyer - Cover Reveal

9 Dec 2022

Today we have the pleasure of being part of this amazing cover reveal for one of the leading titles in 2023 from Orion Group. In this case, we are talking about The Witching Tide, by Margaret Meyer.

Let's not wait for more, and let's take a look at this marvelous cover, designed by James Nunn (jamesnunnart) and @charlotte_bookdesign!



East Anglia, 1645. Martha Hallybread, a midwife, healer and servant, has lived peacefully for more than four decades in her beloved Cleftwater. Everyone in the village knows Martha, but no one has ever heard her speak.

One bright morning, Martha becomes a silent witness to a witch hunt, led by sinister new arrival Silas Makepeace. As a trusted member of the community, she is enlisted to search the bodies of the accused women for evidence. But whilst she wants to help her friends, she also harbours a dark secret that could cost her own freedom.

In desperation, Martha revives a wax witching doll that she inherited from her mother, in the hope that it will bring protection. But the doll's true powers are unknowable, the tide is turning, and time is running out . . .

A spellbinding and intoxicating novel inspired by true events, The Witching Tide is a magnificent debut from a writer to watch.  

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