All of our Sins (Dark Legacies #2), by Yuval Kordov

2 Nov 2023

The Book

All of our Sins
Series: Dark Legacies
Pages: 350
Age Group: Adult
Published on 31 Oct 2023
Publisher: Self-Published
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“The mountains became plains, and the seas boiled into deserts.”

So went the earth.

First came the World War, humanity’s suicide. Then came the War against Hell, humanity’s redemption. Esther, the Eternal One, led the way from darkness to light. A new order, by her will.

So went civilization.

For a time. But as history fades and the Eternal One’s yoke tightens, man turns upon man once more. Ancient dreams of independence rise in Cathedral’s shadow. Bastion’s vengeance awakens. War beckons.

And Hell is watching.


For fans of Dan Simmons’ Hyperion Cantos, Iain Banks’ Culture novels, Dune, and other classic metaphysical science fiction.

This compelling new series explores questions of family, faith, and the human condition on the backdrop of a dark post-apocalyptic future.

My Review

All of our Sins is the second instalment on the dark science-fantasy series Dark Legacies, written by Yuval Kordov. A direct continuation of what we saw in The Hand of God, keeping the same level of intrigue that made me love its predecessor, putting a big emphasis on creating an oppressive and dark atmosphere, blent with a plot as complex as we had in the first book.

As we could say with the predecessor, this is not an easy to grasp book, as Kordov continues expanding the factions that inhabit this world, especially in that vast space constituted by the wastelands. Kordov's narration style mixes dream like sequences, non linear writing and a prose that is especially vivid, creating images that get burnt into your mind.

There will be moments which will make you wonder if what you are reading is just a hallucination in the mind of the characters, a confusing experience many times but which ends rewarding the reader with many enlightenment moments. While the first part feels like a reintroduction to the world, once we are back on the POV of Mother Rebekah, the plot advances and the friction between factions becomes obvious.

The worldbuilding is simply one of my favourite aspects of the entire series, and the introduction of new factions only reinforces that idea; we are in a dangerous and bleak place, but that won't stop humans (and not so much humans) desire for power. I would have personally liked a bit more of information on what's going in the Motherhood, but I hope that returns in book 3.

If you liked The Hand of God, you will love All of our Sins, a sequel that raises the bar in some aspects that made the first book memorable, a unique blend of genres that works perfectly. I can't wait to see how the story advances in the next instalments. 

The Author/s

Yuval Kordov

Yuval Kordov

Yuval Kordov is a chronically creative nerd, tech professional, husband, and father of two. Over the course of his random life, he has been a radio show DJ, produced experimental electronic music, created the world of Dark Legacies™, and designed custom mechs with LEGO® bricks.