All Who Wander Are Lost: Destination Horror Stories, by Gemma Amor

The Book

All Who Wander Are Lost: Destination Horror Stories
Pages: 345
Age Group: Adult
Published on 4/23/2024
Publisher: Cemetery Gates Media
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First Landing State Park. Antarctica. Mongolia. France. Norway. Ireland. Somerset. Egypt. A giant glacier in an unnamed land.

What do all these places have in common?

They’re the perfect place to set a horror story, is what. In this brand new collection of destination based tales of terror, Bram Stoker and British Fantasy Award nominated authorGemma Amor(The Folly, Full Immersion, Six Rooms, Dear Laura) takes us on a series of adventures through the weird and the wonderful, the strange and the unexplainable, across the remotest, wildest parts of this world, and through lands yet to be discovered. Expect dark and deranged encounters, beautiful vistas, old gods, ghosts, peculiar creatures, vampires, and that most terrifying of all monsters: mankind.

My Review

All Who Wander Are Lost: Destination Horror Stories is the new short story collection written by Gemma Amor, and published by Cemetery Gates Media; a series of stories all sharing the common theme of travel and new places, from across all the world. Despite the shared theme, all of them are quite different, and all with the excellent prose that characterizes Amor's writing.

Reviewing short story collections is always a difficult task, due to the variance included; however, I found this one pretty enjoyable, especially with the small homages that Amor has created to classics of the genre, experimenting with different voices and perspectives. Uncanny valley is a shared element between those stories that have remained with me, outside of Let Sleeping Gods Lie, an epistolary story that takes us to the Egyptology era with some well thrown adventure elements and which hits pretty close to the initial segment of The Mummy.

I would also like to bring the spotlight towards The Reunion and A Song For Sam; both are stories that highlight how the real monsters are the human all the way. Vivid and uncanny, slowly gathering the elements that are needed to create an impactful ending, with an excellent pacing.

All Who Wander Are Lost is an excellent horror collection, with stories sharing that human desire for visiting new places, mixing when needed some elements from historical fiction or science fiction to create compelling stories; an excellent book by Gemma Amor.

The Author/s

Gemma Amor

Gemma Amor

Hi, I’m Gemma Amor and I’m a Bram Stoker Award Nominated horror author, illustrator, amateur voice actor and podcaster, published independently and on Amazon. I like genre-fluid, emotional and character driven horror, and try to reflect this in my work. 

I also have a background in Marketing, which some will say is irrefutable proof that I have no soul.