Any Human Power, by Manda Scott

8 Jun 2024

The Book

Any Human Power
Pages: 396
Age Group: Adult
Published on 4 Jun 2024
Publisher: September Publishing
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Dream deeply. Rise up strong. Change is coming ... the visionary new thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author. How do you help the people you love create a future you're proud to leave behind? From acclaimed author Manda Scott comes a visionary thriller of a lifetime.

As Lan lies dying, she makes a promise that binds her long into the Beyond. A decade later her teenage granddaughter is caught up in an international storm of outrage that unleashes the rage of a whole, failed generation. For one shining fragment of time, the world is with her. But then the backlash begins, and soon she and her family are besieged by the press, facing the all-powerful wrath of the old establishment whose only understanding is power-over, not power-with. Watching over the growing chaos is Lan, who taught them all to think independently, approach power sceptically and dream with clear intent. She knows that more than one generation's hopes are on the line.

Weaving together myth, technology and radical compassion, this visionary novel breaks apart all we know of life, death and the routes to hope, asking us all to dream deeply and act boldly.

My Review

Any Human Power is a mind breaking and visionary thriller written by Manda Scott (also known for her Boudica and Rome series), published by September Publishing. The last promise made by Lan before dying will tie her soul to following the events that will mark her family and how their fight against a corrupt system will put them on the edge of the knife; a novel that couldn't have chosen a better date to be published, seeing how Great Britain is in the process for a general election.

While Lan and her promise are the conductive thread that keeps up tied to the plot, in reality, this is a story about the family and their fight, all starting from the moment Lan's granddaughter is put in the spotlight for the world; an unequal fight against the own system that shows the corruption plaguing it, a giant that uses its resources to silence and ridicule her and her family. Lan suffers from the distance the difficulties and the struggles of her family, and all eventually ends with the worst possible outcome.
However, even if this means the lowest point for the family, it's not a defeat, but the point that will act as the foundation for a movement that wants to destroy and regenerate the system into a real democracy. Wisdom to the powerful, and power to the wise, as they would say; but not by breaking it, but by working inside it to create something better, something that is only achievable by the collective effort.

I don't really want to spoil much more about this book, because I feel part of the charm is about experiencing it; feeling how your previous thoughts are challenged by Scott's proposal. The prose is excellent, creating an agile and fluid reading experience, transmitting not only the nuances of the real world plot, but also the mysticism and the power in the oneiric one.

If you are looking for a different read, which can't come in a better moment than this one, Any Human Power, by Manda Scott, will be a great choice. It was an experience, and definitely, a book I recommend.

The Author/s

Manda Scott

Manda Scott

Born in Scotland, Manda is the Sunday Times bestselling author of mythic, historical thriller series Boudica, and 2018’s standalone A Treachery of Spies whichwon the McIlvanney Prize for the Best Scottish Crime Novel. She’s been shortlisted for the Orange Prize, an Edgar and the Saltire Award. Manda is host of the Accidental Gods podcast, focused on crafting a route through to a future we'd be proud to leave behind.  She’s an eco-spiritual teacher and regenerative smallholder, based in the borderlands of Wales.