Dreams of Sorrow (Gael Song #2.5), by Shauna Lawless

19 Jun 2024

The Book

Dreams of Sorrow
Series: Gael Song
Pages: 69
Age Group: Adult
Published on 4 Jul 2024
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Historical Fantasy
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A tale of magic, power and heartbreak set in the tumultuous world of medieval Ireland, Dreams of Sorrow is the powerful new novella in Shauna Lawless's Gael Song series.

Senna is sixteen and deeply in love. When a traumatic event leads to her unleashing powers she never knew she had, she learns her true heritage: her grandmother was a witch and a Descendant of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the legendary former rulers of Ireland.

But such gifts are hard to control, and Senna's abilities mean that she might forever lose her place in the mortal world.When she encounters other Descendants with similar powers, things start to look brighter. Anaile, old and wise, can help guide her path. Tomas, deeply ambitious, reveals the truth behind many strange mysteries. And Gobnat, a vivacious young witch, shows Senna how to control her magic.

But torn between a mortal existence and a magical one, Senna must make a decision that will shape her life... in more ways than she could ever expect.  

My Review

Dreams of Sorrow is a new novella in the historical fantasy series Gael Song, written by Shauna Lawless, and which will be published by Head of Zeus. As a note, the recommendation of the author is to read Dreams of Sorrow after finishing The Words of Kings and Prophets, so consider this book as the 2.5 in the Gael Song series; and let me tell you, Lawless packs a big punch in this novella, an intense story of love, ambition and treason.

In Dreams of Sorrow, Lawless tells the story of an innocent teenager in love, Senna, who unexpectedly discovers her powers after she's angered during a festival; shortly after, her mother reveals the truth about her lineage, discovering that Senna is a Descendant of the Tuatha Dé Danann. As a way to protect her, she's sent with other Descendants, where she can learn to control her gift and use her magic.

However, for a girl growing between the mortal and magical existence, things are not really easy and the appearances prove to be deceiving. The reader will soon recognise other characters from the Gael Song series, and especially, they will get a taste of the ambition and thirst of power of Tomas; together with Gobnat, he will try to gain the control over the druids.

In a short length, Lawless manages to pack a meaningful story, which can be enjoyed as a standalone, but that will reward those loyal readers that have accompanied her during the series. With her characteristic mix between history and fantasy, we are transported to that Viking Ireland and get a new taste of what this series can offer.

The Author/s

Shauna Lawless

Shauna Lawless

Shauna Lawless is an avid reader of Irish mythology and folklore. As an Irish woman, she loves that Irish mythology has inspired so many stories over the years, however, she wanted to explore the history and mythology of Ireland in a more authentic way. She lives in Northern Ireland with her family.